Urban Translation Services is at your service as the Official Sales Partner of Information Mapping®, an international, research-based method to analyze, organize and present clear and user-focused information.

Soon you will also be able to study the training materials is Turkish with the translation of URBAN.

You will find below detailed information about the program.

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About the Information Mapping® method

Information Mapping® is a research-based method used to analyze, organize and present information based on your audience’s needs and the purpose of the information. The Method solves many of the typical challenges faced by writers and readers of business documents and business communication:

  • The information is complex or technical
  • Critical ideas are hard to find
  • The information is difficult to organize
  • Too much or too little detail is provided

Information Mapping® provides guidelines for organizing and presenting information effectively to promote reader access and comprehension.


Software & Support

Discover FS Pro 2013

FS Pro is a software tool that makes it easy to write clear, easily understood documents in Microsoft Word by

  • breaking the content into small, manageable modules
  • presenting the content visually using tables and lists rather than lengthy text
  • clearly labeling all the pieces for easy scanning and retrieval of information, and
  • providing advance organizers so the reader can anticipate the content that follows.