Technical Translation

Clarity and the right terminology is the key in communicating in the heavy machinery and manufacturing world. All our translators are well informed in their area of specialization, know the terminology in the field, and provide precise language that conveys your message without losing its meaning. In this sense, leading international technology companies prefer Urban for their translation requirements. Some of these companies can be listed as Vestas Wind Systems, LG Electronics, Acciona Wind Power, Bosch, Tecnicas Reunidas, Abbott and AVL GMBH.

Medical Translation

In addition to proficiency in the language , industry expertise is a must in the complex field of medicine. It is crucial that the translation is handled by medical translators and editors. We were aware of this fact from the very beginning and have developed our relevant teams accordingly.

Our expertise in medical translation has led international medical device, pharmaceutical, and biotech companies to prefer Urban for their translation projects into various languages in addition to Turkish. Some of these companies are Abbott, Siemens, Boehringer Ingelheim, Bayer, GlaxoSmithKline, Fresenius, Aurobindo, Daichi-Sankyo, Celgene and Genzyme.

We translate user manuals, technical manuals, installation manuals, safety and training videos, software, regulatory documents, safety inserts, instructions for use (IFU), clinical trial documents and protocols, websites, marketing materials, labeling, packaging and many more for medical device, pharmaceutical and biotech companies.

Automotive Translation

Urban Translation Services is highly specialized in automotive translation services as a part of its technical translation services. We have been serving leading international automotive manufacturers with our technical translators and editors since our establishment. And we add new compaines to our clients in this field every year. We translate owner’s manuals, workshop manuals, marketing materials, and all kinds of documents for major automotive and heavy duty machinery brands such as Volvo, Atlas Copco, Scania, Caterpillar, Opel, Seat, Mitsubishi, Temsa and Otokar.

Legal Translation

Our legal department with our expert team of certified legal translators and project managers serve the largest law offices of Turkey and Spain handling international cases. In this context we serve companies such as Mehmet Gun&Co, Altalex and ELIG Attorneys at Law for their translation requirements from various languages into English, Turkish, Spanish and Catalan and vice-versa. We also offer other language combinations and provide sworn translation services with our certified translators in relevant countries.

Financial Translation

Translation projects for leading finance corporations are handled by our financial translation department. We employ in house translators, editors and managers with BA and Masters degrees. In this context, we handle translation projects in various fields such as accounting, commercial banking, asset management, consumer banking, investment banking, insurance, mortgage, lending and securities, real estate and etc. We are also the approved translation agency for Akbank and Kuveyt Turk Bank.

Patent Translation

Urban is the leading patent translation provider in Turkey. Our technical precision, vast experience in patent translations and quality assurance systems allow us to help companies and law offices to accurately translate their patent documents. Patent champion of Turkey, Arçelik, prefers Urban for its translation projects. Mehmet Gun&Co, one of the renowned law offices in Turkey, also prefers Urban for its patent translations. In addition, we offer our services to companies in obtaining patents for their new products.

Sworn Translation

Just contact our offices in Istanbul or Barcelona if you need sworn translation services in Turkey or Spain. With our sworn translators from and into over 30 languages in Turkey and Spain, we meet the translation requirements of companies that have official requirements such as establishing a company, opening a bank account or starting legal proceedings. We prepare and deliver sworn-translator sealed, notarized or apostilled documents as necessary. In addition to our locations, we also provide sworn-translator sealed translation services in other countries as well with our sworn translators in respective countries.

Literary translation

Our specialized Literary Works Department ensures a careful and meticulous translation, in order to never betray the author or the work that is being translated. It does not consist of a literal translation nor an automatic one. Instead, our methodology in this case is translating the literary work sentence by sentence and paragraph by paragraph, in order to evaluate the best literary options, and to edit and proofread it afterwards. Some of the works that we have translated are El cel és blanc-i-blau (a book dedicated to former RCDE Espanyol football player Dani Jarque), Jordi Pigem’s Bona Crisi, univerisity books and magazines (Revista d’Etnologia de Catalunya), etc.