User Manual Creation

We are specialized in creating user manuals, technical texts and various types of documentation. In this context, we offer services such as creation of user manuals, reviewing existing manuals and keeping them up to date according to the customer’s instructions. We basically work for household appliances and consumer electronics manufacturers in this field. Depending on the requirements, we can write the user manual from scratch or revise and redesign the existing ones.

Technical Writing

Urban Translation Services is equipped with technical writing capabilities. We serve you with our technical writers as your side office for your technical projects. We can cover all your requirements such as revision, formatting or creating from scratch. In this context, we became the Turkish distributor of Information Mapping® which is a research-based method used to analyze, organize and present information based on your audience’s needs and the purpose of the information. Please click here to learn more about Information Mapping®

Creative writing

Creative writing adapts itself perfectly to the contents that the customer believes must be highlighted within his/her company, product, brand or design. If and idea or concept must be created and a definition of its text sections is required (web, document, brochure, etc.), our creative team will handle the writing tasks so that the final text is exceptional and an example of respect and prestige. If the customer already has the idea, with parts of it already developed but is still in doubt about the others, he/she will have a consultant at their disposal aiming to improve its writing. We provide the following writing services:

Web page writing, blogs, etc. (writing and language maintenance): our consulting team performs an analysis on the product (brand), company, web, design, etc. that is to be presented. They will analyze its goals, perform a brainstorm and produce the website’s contents by reviewing websites and blogs similar to those that are going to be published, so that yours is the most original, cutting-edge and efficient when it comes to selling your product.  You can follow the status of the writing process, whenever you need it.

From an idea to a text: the customer knows what he/she wants to say but doesn’t know how to say it. We help them. We guarantee confidentiality.

Writing advertising catalogues, brochures, etc.

Writing articles, reviews, summaries and press releases.

Writing commercial, dissemination or technical texts.

Writing resumes (and their translation into the languages we provide).