Software Localization

In a localization project, there are various tasks involved such as project management, software engineering, testing and desktop publishing in addition to translation. In this context, we handle regular software localization projects for software companies such as Microsoft, Computer Associates, Neusoft, Cisco Systems and McAfee with our team who are highly skilled in localization technologies.

Website Translation

Handling website translation projects in an effective manner requires expertise in various technologies and web formats. Thanks to our team, who are equipped with the required tools in this field, we can process an increased number of website translation projects. After being localized by us, your websites can be launched in target language in a very short time without requiring too much extra work. Turkey’s leading unified communication solutions provider, Karel Elektronik has chosen Urban to localize its entire web page into various languages.

Game Localization

We have vast experience in game localization, particularly in Turkish, Arabic and Greek  and we have already localized various video games into these languages. In addition, we also handle localization projects for mobile apps and games such as Samsung mobile, Sims, Angry Birds, Ninja Turtles, Sim City and etc.