Besides our main activity, translation, we provide editing and proofreading services for documents  translated by other people. It makes no difference if the documents have been  translated  by another agency or by your in-house staff. Our editors will ensure that your documents are a 100% match of the original documents. In addition, our native expert proofreaders, each of them with their specific specialities, can proofread your documents in order to make sure they suit  the target audience.

Proofreading and editing are some of the most important tasks when it comes to finishing your documents. This is why we believe in a normative linguistic model, so that the resulting text is grammatically perfect and provides a professional and rigorous view of your company.The different types of proofreading we provide are:

Orthotypographical proofreading. It is the purest from of proofreading, focused on amending the orthographic or the typographic mistakes in any kind of text.

Style or grammatical proofreadingl. This form of proofreading is performed on the original version of a literary or scientific text, etc., in order to amend its grammatical mistakes, to avoid unnecessary repetitions and to give it literary shape, etc.  

Proofreading galley proofs and first, second and third tests. This form of proofreading is generally performed by the author or an editor on printing tests via notes in the margin with conventional signs. 

One of the most important literary proofreadings are books on FC Barcelona (Paraula de Pep, Herr Pep, Carles Puyol’s biography, Educats per guanyar and many more), books for TV3 [the Catalan public television channel] (El llibre de la Marató), Caixa Catalunya’s [a former Catalan savings bank] customers’ biographies, various book series aimed at young people, editing magazines from Grup Cultura 03 (such as Sàpiens, Cuina, Descobrir...), etc.