"Your company gives confidence in terms of time and accuracy, particularly on technical translations. Also your system provides time and cost advantages in translations which contain frequent repetitive strings. I thank you for your serious working style, the meticulousness of your business and the importance you give to customer satisfaction."




"Urban Translation Services is a quite successful group, both in service quality and communication with the client. This corporation is highly advanced in terms of the value of the services supplied and speed in meeting the demand of the client. Although we were working with another translation company before them, we have chosen Urban Translation Services for the last six months due to the quality of the services we obtain."




"We find your company extremely efficient, both in terms of costs and in terms of timing. Furthermore, we feel that the time - quality ratio of your company's output is quite high, making it a prime candidate, especially for urgent or sensitive matters. Finally, we are very much impressed with the professionalism with which confidential and high-profile documents are handled. All in all, ELIG Attorneys-at-Law marks your company as a top-tier translation office in Istanbul."


Arçelik Dishwasher Plant

"We thank you for your support in providing accuracy and high quality in the translations we demand, ahead of our deadlines." 



Beko Electronics

"We think that your services create a modern work flow for us in addition to the convenience that they have brought to our daily operations. We can now organize our operations in a better and more reliable way thanks to the quality of your translation services. We thank you for your high quality, reliable and excellent services that you deliver us."



National Geographic (NastaONE)

“YOU’RE THE BEST, many thanks for all, also for us, it has been a great pleasure to work together, and we’ll repeat it!!!”



“ I hope all is well! I just wanted to write you again and thank you for your help with this project. It was a very important translation that the client was very nervous about. I just heard from our Boeing contact who said their in-country Turkish consultant read the entire translation and said it was "exact". No changes at all from his end. That is remarkable. Please give a huge thank you to whoever did the translation."