Since the company was founded, we have been handling translation projects into more than 30 languages from English for the European brands of Arçelik (Beko, Blomberg, Grundig) for whom we act as the single language services provider. As part of this process, we have prepared user manuals for thousands of white goods models in English, had them translated into European and Asian languages with a world-class level of quality, and delivered ready-for-print outputs.


In the second half of 2013, after having passed an elaborate test, we were selected as the best provider from around 15 translation agencies in Spain for the translation of National Geographic articles from Spanish into Russian. We regularly provide our services for the Russian edition of National Geographic.


Otokar, one of the leading automotive manufacturers in Turkey, which has been providing solutions to its customers in both the commercial and military ranges since 1963, chose Urban Translation Service in the last quarter of 2012. Since then we have translated various technical and commercial documents for the company into major European languages.


We were the only company in Turkey who could meet the quality requirements in the tender opened in 2012 for the translation requirements of Republic of Turkey Prime Ministry Investment Support and Promotion Agency which involved 10 languages . We translate press releases and various documents of the agency into 10 languages from English on a daily basis. We also won the bid for 2013 and continue to provide services for the agency.


Our relationship started with the translation of into English and then French and Russian in 2012 and continues with the localization of all kinds of software and documentation for Karel communication and security systems into various languages.



In January 2007, we translated and prepared for print 2 million words of IFUs for the products used in the analyzers of Abbott, a renowned medical company, in 20 days. This allowed us to start working actively with the German headquarters of Abbott in addition to Abbott Turkey. We also cover the translation requirements of Abbott into European languages for some specific projects.


We have started to work centrally with Bayer in 2012 for whom we had already been working since 2007. Being the prioritized vendor, we handle the translation of all kinds of regulatory documents for the company.


We have carried out various large-scale projects for Johnson&Johnson for whom we have been translating regulatory files, articles, web sites etc. Many departments within the company work with us regularly.


We have been the single vendor for the regulatory translations of Boehringer Ingelheim since 2007. We have translated tens of thousands of pages from English and German into Turkish for the company.


Since 2006, we have translated various documents such as driver’s guides, workshop manuals, operator guides and marketing documents for Volvo Cars and Volvo Heavy Duty Machinery. We also handle translation projects for Caterpillar heavy duty machinery and Scania trucks.


We handle the translation of driver’s guides and technical documentation from English into Turkish, German, Italian, French and Dutch for the buses manufactured by Temsa Global with whom we started to work in 2011 after a meticulous trial and evaluation process.


Software Localization

One of the well-known international software producers, Neusoft, decided to work with us in 2012 after a lengthy pre-evaluation process. We localize the software of the company into Turkish, German, French, Italian and Spanish.


Global software giant Computer Associates has chosen us for a 1-million-word localization project. We have successfully completed the project in a short period of time of just 3 months. We handle regular projects for Computer Associates.


Consumer Electronics

The leading German company Bosch chose us to meet their translation requirements for their electrical and electronic power tools in 2011. In 2012, we started to work for the automotive-side industry, product, and corporate communication documents for the company. In 2013 we were also contacted by the white goods department of the company.


LG Electronics, which expanded its operations in Turkey in 2011, has chosen Urban for its translation projects into Turkish. In addition to the user manuals for white goods, electronic appliances, air conditioners and etc. we also handle the translation of test approval certificates for LG Electronics.



Dexia Asset management has chosen us for its financial document translations from French and English into Turkish in 2007. We have translated more than 400,000 words for Dexia Asset Management over 3 years.


Our Financial Translations department, which consists of translators and editors who have an excellent command of financial literature, handles the translation projects of leading banks in Turkey such as Eurobank Tekfen, Akbank and Kuveyt Türk Katılım Bankası.



In 2008 we started to work for the Turkish unit of Vestas, one of the leading wind energy companies in the world. As a result of our work, which continued with great success until 2012, we made an agreement with the Spanish headquarters of the company and started to handle their translation requirements into Turkish directly through the Spanish headquarters.


Our cooperation with Acciona, which started in 2010 with their establishment studies in Turkey, improves every day. Apart from all legal documents required for the establishment of the company, we have also translated various brochures and technical documentation into Turkish.


At the beginning of 2013 we started to work with the Spanish headquarters of Técnicas Reunidas, the leader for engineering and construction in the oil and gas sector in Spain, one of the leaders in Europe in the design and construction of oil and gas facilities, and one of the world leaders in the refining sector. We handle their technical and legal translation projects (around 1 million words) in different language combinations using various software including AutoCAD.