Tekom European Association for Technical Communication

TEKOM (European Association for Technical Communication) is considered to be the largest association in Europe in terms of technical communication and information development. It has almost 6000 members from all economic sectors, in several countries across Europe. The main goal of the association is to promote the career and business interests of all those involved with technical communication and documentation. These could include, for instance, technical writers, technical illustrators or technical translators, product or marketing managers.

Translation Automation User Society

TAUS is a think tank for the translation industry, undertaking research for buyers and providers of translation services and technologies. Its mission is to increase the size and significance of the translation industry to help the world communicate better. To meet this ongoing goal, TAUS supports entrepreneurs and principals in the translation industry to share and define new strategies through a comprehensive program of events, publications and communications.

Globalization and Localization Association

GALA (Globalization and Localization Association), is an international association for the translation, localization and globalization sectors which allows its members to exchange ideas and bring forth innovative solutions.

American Translators Association

The ATA (American Translators Association) is a professional association founded to develop verbal and written translation business and to support professional improvement of freelancers. Among its over 10,000 members in more than 90 countries are translators, teachers, project managers, web and software developers, owners of translation agencies, hospitals, universities, and state institutions.

Association of Translation Companies

Founded in 1976, the ATC (Association of Translation Companies) is, perhaps, one of oldest professional groups representing the interests of translation companies in the world. It is dedicated not only to representing the interests of translation companies, but also to serving the needs of translation purchasers. Members of the ATC are carefully vetted before admission to membership, adhere to a strict code of professional conduct, are subject to the rulings of a professional ethics committee and carry full professional indemnity insurance cover to safeguard the interests of the translation purchaser.

The Spanish Association of Translation and Interpreting Companies

ANETI (The Spanish Association of Translation and Interpreting Companies), created in 2006, currently comprises around 30 companies from all over Spain which offer specialized translation services and share a common objective: to provide clients with a quality service that contributes added value to their projects and goals. All of those companies are firmly committed to compliance with the EN:15038 European Quality Standard for Translation Service Providers.

European Language Industry Association

ELIA (European Language Industry Association) is committed to providing a forum for exchange, fostering the development of business relationships with fellow members and other related international organizations, and promoting the concept of ethics and quality standards through the industry.

Turkish-Spanish Official Chamber of Commerce

Turkish-Spanish Official Chamber of Commerce and Industry (TISTO) was founded to offer all kinds of means and solutions for the development of the economical and commercial activities of both countries in the Turkish and Spanish markets. The Turkish-Spanish Official Chamber of Industry and Commerce was inaugurated on 13th October 2011 and aims to develop and promote economic and commercial relations as well as investments between Turkey and Spain.

Deutsch – Türkische Industrie – und Handelskammer

AHK Turkey has some 600 members from every section of the German and Turkish commercial environments and it supports mutual commercial relations between Germany and Turkey. It carries out its activities under the official name “German – Turkish Commerce and Industry Chamber”. The institution helps the commercial representatives from the two countries in establishing communication and it also protects the interests of both sides. AHK Turkey also offers numerous assistance services to the companies to enable them to successfully carry out their work to enter the Turkish or German markets and flourish in these markets.